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Dicas do sub chatgpt no reddit

Para prompts de pesquisa esse é bem interessante:

Can you provide me with a long and well-thought-out comprehensive yet simplified guide of (SUBJECT), that only includes offline information that you are certain is true and excludes any speculation or uncertainty? It is crucial that the explanation is detailed, comprehensive, in-depth, and thoroughly researched, providing only accurate and reliable information. Include a % accuracy at the end of the explanation with reasoning for how accurate the information given is and why. Give 2 web sources with general urls (accurate as of 2021, ends in .com, .gov, or .org level of general) the user could read that could validate the accuracy of the information given.

Não é brincadeira, funciona

Make it better

I expected my answer to be the most common but somehow I don’t see it here.

Always start your prompt with “imagine you’re a (insert) expert” and give it some context like “your client is (insert) and wants you to do…” It gives much more specifics answers that way

Similar o primeiro prompt

Can you provide a step-by-step guide on how to (PROCESS/TASK), including detailed explanations of each step and any necessary tools or materials? Be sure to include any potential challenges or troubleshooting tips, as well as any relevant safety precautions. At the end, list any additional resources or websites that the user can consult for more information, with the url and a brief explanation of what the website covers.

Common Points:

  • Provide a step-by-step guide (or an explanation)
  • Include detailed explanations, tools or materials, challenges/troubleshooting tips, safety precautions
  • Cite at least 3 reputable sources
  • Provide a list of related concepts or terms
  • Include its history, current applications, and future potential developments
  • Include features, benefits, and potential drawbacks
  • Provide sources to validate claims
  • Include best practices and examples of successful implementation
  • Include relevant industry standards/regulations, certifications/qualifications
  • Include trends, challenges, and opportunities
  • Include a review of features, performance, value for money
  • Include comparisons to similar products/services
  • Include relevant statistics/data
  • Include a conclusion on whether the product/service/technology is suitable
  • Include a historical background and current implementation