8 pontos sobre o livro The Chaos Machine

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    1. The book "The Chaos Machine" by Max Fisher examines the negative impact of social media on society.
    2. The author charts the development of social media from its early days to its current state, where it is used to spread misinformation and extremism and has the power to influence elections and even play a role in genocide.
    3. The book highlights the cost of using social media, not only in terms of wading through digital sewage but also in terms of attention and creativity as users freely provide the content that expands the fortunes of the platforms' founders.
    4. Despite this, social media remains an alluring prospect for many, particularly for those who feel alienated from society, as it offers a sense of community, validation, and reinforcement of views.
    5. The author gained unique access to the inner workings of social media platforms, specifically Facebook, through leaked documents from a contractor-turned-whistleblower and by sitting in on high-level meetings at Facebook's headquarters.
    6. The book explains how social media algorithms and design "deliberately shape our experiences," exerting "such a powerful pull on our psychology and our identity that it changes how we think, behave, and relate to one another."
    7. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are designed to supercharge identity into a matter of totalizing and existential conflict, leading to the reinforcement of beliefs and the transformation of trivial thoughts or prejudices into defining elements of identity.
    8. The author compares the platforms to cigarette manufacturers of the 60s, who denied understanding the negative impact of their products, suggesting that in the future, these days will be looked back upon with bewilderment.