Write and revise your draft

criado em: 01:43 2022-10-19



  1. Quickly complete your paragraphs and write a first rough draft. Stick to the point with each paragraph. Make sure that the first sentence of the paragraph explains what the paragraph is about. Make sure that each sentence leads to the next. Make sure that each paragraph leads to the next.
  2. Revise your first draft for structure and content. Make sure that the paper is focused and readable, that there is enough context and background, and that the story is about an important question that your results answer.
  3. Revise your first draft focusing on sentences and words. Make sure that each sentence is logical and that its meaning becomes apparent early on. Keep the subject and verb close. Use the stress positions at the ends of sentences. Write in the active voice. Split long sentences. Remove superfluous words. Avoid turning verbs into nouns.
  4. Do several rounds of revisions. Focus on clarity, readability, and a good story. Edit jointly with co-authors. Ask for comments from your supervisor and your colleagues. Use test readers for identifying hard-to-spot problems.