pedidos para midjourney que gostei

criado em: 15:43 23-10-2022


  • palavras-chave:
  • notas: prompts midjourney

  • line detailed :: lineart :: lithography :: ink detail and color
  • watercolor painting, colorful, dramatic lighting, epic, cinematic, intricate detail
  • retro dark vintage sci-fi : : 2D matte gouache book cover illustration : : deep space macabre sci-fi world
  • half blueprint
  • poster by ? with text reading "?", bold colors, minimalist style, typography, perfect kerning
  • trending on artstation
  • concept art
  • golden ratio, particle dispersion
  • use rule of thirds, intricate details, high details
  • watercolor painting, ink detail and color , lineart, fine detailed
  • Colorful, details, shapes, descriptions, watercolor, pencil, tint, old book encyclopedia, year 1902, very detailed
  • intricate details, 4K detail post processing, octane render, –ar 6:4
  • photo collage portrait of umberto eco, symmetrical, photo realistic
  • with brilliance like that of a chrysolite stone, the wheel is covered with eyes everywhere, soft detail clouds, atmospheric clouds, fog, The landscape is tropical, sky accent, warm and white color, cinematic, detailed, atmospheric, backlit, epic, matte painting, cinematic, 8k, unreal engine render, –ar 4:4
  • ultrarealistic, hyperdetailed, octane render, 8k resolution, high quality
  • aurora borealis cyberpunk octane
  • highly urbanized city bending over itself in right angle almost collapsing photorealistic rich details
  • highly urbanized city bending over itself in right angle against law of physics**
  • bicycling on rough city cars are monsters epic battle minmalist style - @juiz_penitente (16%) (editado)
  • as fractal chaotic portrait
  • black and white pen
  • relief of an Indian forest, ancient, detailed, delicate –ar 16:9 –uplight
  • futuristic indigenous city secretly located at the heart of the amazon rainforest 4k render
  • Phyllomedusa bicolor sitting on a forest leave scientific drawing style Maria Sibylla Merian
  • portrait of a swordfighter, rococo, gold leaf, ink blot, ink illustration, intricate fractal detailing –uplight –ar 4:5 –test

  • ideias como mostrar o sisifo deixando a pedra rolar até embaixo
  • tentando imaginar o jogo das contas de vidro do herman hesse
  • um escritor escrevendo suas memorias do além
  • um fazendeiro pegando fogo enquanto conta dinheiro
  • o objetivo da existencia
  • pintura psicodelica de um monge estudando
  • ronald mc donalds meditando em posição de lotus
  • consciousness as machine rube goldberg, scheme, pencil, tint, old book encyclopedia, year 1902, very detailed
  • painting of the Anthropocene and climate change, cubism style executed by William Turner