Medium idealizado

criado em: 19:45 05-02-2023


fonte https://ev.medium.com/welcome-to-medium-9e53ca408c48

Summary of Medium:

  • Medium is a platform for sharing stories and ideas that are longer than 140 characters
  • It is designed for both professional and amateur writers
  • It has a simple, beautiful, and collaborative interface
  • Medium lets you focus on your words, with a web-based editor that is focused on keeping you focused
  • It is a collaborative platform where writers can get help from others and readers can offer feedback and ideas
  • Medium helps you find your audience, with posts spread around based on interest and engagement
  • Medium was built with the goal of connecting hearts and minds and creating a level playing field for ideas from anywhere

Percentage summarized: approximately 80% Topics left out: The background of the founders and the launch of Blogger in 1999, the advancements in technology and the shift in media, and the future goals of Medium.