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20-01-2023 Ontem o william veio me perguntar se estava dese,mpregado, e quis começar a cultivar cogumelos comigo — minhas respostas eram todas inspiradas em Nathan for you — mas não sei se ele entendeu.

Got any creative ideas for ways to make money through entrepreneurship?

  1. E-commerce: Start an online store selling a specific niche of products or your own handmade goods.
  2. Digital Marketing Agency: Help small businesses with their online marketing and social media presence.
  3. Consulting: Share your expertise and experience to help others in your industry.
  4. App or software development: Create a popular app or software program that solves a specific problem.
  5. Dropshipping: Partner with manufacturers and suppliers to sell products to customers without holding inventory.
  6. Online courses and coaching: Create and sell digital courses or offer one-on-one coaching in a specific topic.
  7. Virtual events: Plan and host virtual events such as conferences, webinars, and workshops.
  8. Influencer marketing: Build a large following on social media and partner with brands to promote their products or services.
  9. Content creation: Create and monetize online content such as YouTube videos, podcasts, or blog posts.
  10. Freelancing: Offer your skills as a freelancer in areas such as graphic design, writing, or programming.


  1. Selling sand in the desert: open a stand in the middle of the desert and sell bags of sand to tourists.
  2. Selling old socks: Collect used socks and sell them as "vintage" or "collectible" items.
  3. Selling air: Bottle and sell fresh air from scenic locations or "clean air zones".
  4. Renting out your pet: Allow people to rent your pet for a fee, for companionship or as a prop for photoshoots.
  5. Selling dreams: Record your dreams and sell them on a dream sharing platform.
  6. Selling dirt: Package and sell "rare" or "exotic" dirt from different locations.
  7. Renting out your time: Charge people to spend time with you, and do nothing in particular.
  8. Selling ice to Eskimos: Open a store in the Arctic and sell ice, even though it's readily available.
  9. Selling used chewing gum: Collect used chewing gum and sell it as a "unique" or "exotic" item.
  10. Renting out your body heat: Offer to cuddle with people for a fee to keep them warm.

Do it again bu with less "sell used thing" in it:

  1. Offering tours of a non-existent tourist spot: Create a fake tourist spot and offer guided tours to unsuspecting visitors.
  2. Selling a made-up language: Create a fake language and sell classes on how to speak it.
  3. Renting out a cardboard box as a "cozy" living space: Advertise a cardboard box as a "unique" and "cozy" living space to rent out.
  4. Selling "mystery" boxes: Package and sell boxes filled with random items, marketed as a "surprise" or "mystery" box.
  5. Offering a "telepathic" communication service: Advertise a "telepathic" communication service where you pretend to read people's thoughts for a fee.
  6. Selling "invisible" products: Advertise and sell products that are not actually there, such as "invisible" clothing or "ghost" pet.
  7. Renting out a "haunted" house: Advertise a house as "haunted" and charge people to spend the night there.
  8. Selling "unicorn" sightings: Create fake footage of unicorns and sell it as "proof" of their existence.
  9. Offering a "time travel" service: Advertise a service where you pretend to send people back in time for a fee.
  10. Renting out a "magical" garden: Advertise a garden as having magical powers and charge people to visit it.