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Shoshin is a Japanese term that is used in Zen Buddhism to refer to the concept of "beginner's mind." The idea is to approach each new experience with openness, eagerness, and without preconceptions or biases. The goal is to see things as they truly are, without the filter of one's past experiences or expectations clouding one's perception.

The concept of shoshin encourages practitioners to approach their practice with humility and a sense of not-knowing, rather than thinking they already know all the answers. In this way, they can maintain a sense of freshness and curiosity in their practice, which can lead to greater understanding and deeper insights. It is a essential concept of Zen that cultivating this kind of mind is crucial for personal growth and liberation.

In practice, Shoshin can be cultivated by setting aside our expectations, letting go of preconceptions, and approaching each moment with open-mindedness and curiosity. This can be applied to all aspects of life not only in Zen Meditation.