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The essay is a literary form that has dominated textual discourse in the West, but is currently seen to be in crisis. The author suggests that the essay can be viewed as a form of dialogue, with various methodologies and paradigms vying for recognition. The author also discusses the use of the imagetext, a hybrid form of the essay that allows for the inclusion of various elements, and speculates on how it might become more prevalent in the future. The author also mentions the essayistic novel, a milder version of the hybrid essay, as another form of the fictionalized essay. Both the imagetext and the essayistic novel can be read as essays, providing a perspective on the potential of the hybrid essay.

The imagetext is a hybrid form of writing that disrupts the distinction between words and images, and subverts traditional reading conventions. It combines elements of collage, ready-made, atlas, and literary discussion, and forces readers to consider the spatial and temporal components of the text. The imagetext is often difficult to reproduce, and can be seen as a fetishized object due to its manuscript qualities, which make it more connected to the physical world. It may also be considered a form of hypertext, with its potential for multiple directions and connections.

The imagetext is a genre that disrupts the distinction between words and images, and is characterized by a sense of anxiety and the unfinished. It often incorporates various textual and image-based genres and subverts reading conventions by requiring readers to engage with the text in multiple directions. The imagetext is not a fixed thing, but rather an event or relationship. It has a long history, but its presence in more traditional forms like novels and academic essays may cause unease due to expectations of uninterrupted text. The imagetext is often performative of its own content, and can be seen as a commentary on the ways in which texts operate within a socio-political context.

The text discusses how the genre of the "imagetext," which includes a mix of words and images, disrupts traditional reading conventions and creates an aura of anxiety in the reader. The imagetext is seen as a form of deconstruction, constantly undergoing change and disrupting traditional genre boundaries. The incorporation of images into text is also seen as a manifestation of a deeper crisis in modernity, with the spread of iconic culture leading to the "atrophy of linguistic capacity" in the public sphere. Some argue that the imagetext is a response to the "data smog" of the modern world, and that it allows for a more holistic and subjective approach to knowledge. The imagetext is also described as a form of hypertext, with the ability to be read in multiple directions and containing endless links, and as a way to make the essay more dialogical.